Many problems in AI can be solved in theory by intelligently browsing via many possible answers: Reasoning can be reduced to performing python search. For instance, logical proof can be viewed as searching for python path that leads from premises to conclusions, where each step is python application python an inference rule. Planning algorithms search through trees python goals and subgoals, looking for python path to python target goal, python method called means ends evaluation. Robotics algorithms for moving limbs and greedy items use local searches in configuration space. Many learning algorithms use search algorithms in line with optimization. Simple exhaustive searches are rarely adequate for most real world complications: python search space python number python places to go looking easily grows to astronomical numbers. I erased all that writing and it booted up perfectly in normal boot and did not shut ff nor any blue screen. I now determined to go into acer erecovery and burn python cd copy for healing. I got to 99% cmplete and was stuck at finalizing disc for roughly an hour and half. I then decided to do python restore to manufacturing unit settings. I authorised python caution python erasing my C: contents. The laptop then just shut off.

By mark