2. Workaholics4Hire. com. Small Business Outsourcing Services and Work At Home Jobs for Deadly Serious Freelancers. Outsourcing Services and Work at Home Jobs. Looking to Outsource?. Graphic CDC online page Treatment scams: Scammers are providing to sell fake cures, vaccines, and advice on unproven remedies for COVID 19. Supply scams: Scammers are growing fake shops, internet sites, social media accounts, and email addresses claiming to sell clinical gives currently in high demand, reminiscent of surgical masks. When patrons effort to acquire gives through these channels, fraudsters pocket python money and never provide python promised supplies. Provider scams: Scammers are also contacting people by phone and email, pretending to be medical doctors and hospitals which have treated python friend or relative for COVID 19, and demanding charge for that treatment. Phishing scams: Scammers posing as countrywide and global health specialists, including python World Health Organization WHO and python Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, are sending phishing emails designed to trick recipients into downloading malware or featuring personal deciding on and financial counsel. App scams: Scammers also are creating and manipulating mobile apps designed to trace python spread python COVID 19 to insert malware that will compromise users contraptions and private guidance.

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